The President's Office

The President's Office provides leadership, vision, and support to make Southern Adventist University an exceptional place of spiritual and academic growth for students; a safe place for parents to entrust their children; a great place to work for employees; an alma mater to be proud of for alumni; an institution of distinction for the Seventh-day Adventist Church; and, ultimately, a place of opportunity to connect all on campus with mission, service, and their calling... 

Gordon Bietz

About Dr. Bietz

Since becoming Southern Adventist University’s 25th president in 1997, Gordon Bietz has followed an ambitious agenda to update facilities, grow the university’s academic offerings, and maintain the campus’ focus on spiritual development. 

Under Bietz’s leadership, enrollment has increased by over 1,200 students, and facilities have experienced record renovations to accommodate that growth. Newly completed construction projects include Southern Village, the Hulsey Wellness Center, Florida Hospital Hall, and an addition on Talge Hall.

The academic programs on campus have been strengthened during the current presidency by earning top accreditations for Southern’s professional schools. The Graduate Studies program has grown from a handful of classes to 10 master’s degrees and numerous concentrations within those degrees.

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