Strategic Planning Committees


Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee

President, Chair: Gordon Bietz

Interim VP for Advancement: John Wagner

VP for Academic Administration: Bob Young

VP for Financial Administration: Tom Verrill

VP for Enrollment Services: Marc Grundy

VP for Marketing and University Relations: Ingrid Skantz

VP for Student Services: Dennis Negrón

Associate VP, Academic Administration: Volker Henning

Associate VP, Budgeting and Finance: Doug Frood

Associate VP, Enrollment Services: Ryan Herman

Associate VP, Financial Administration: Marty Hamilton

Associate VP, Human Resources: Brenda Flores-Lopez

Associate VP, Information Technology: Gary Sewell

Dean, Graduate Studies: Carl Swafford

Director, Institutional Research and Planning: Hollis James

Director, McKee Library: Dan Maxwell

Controller: David Huisman

Associate Professor, School of Nursing: Pam Gammenthaler

Dean, School of Education and Psychology: John McCoy

Senior Pastor, Collegedale SDA Church: David Smith

Chaplain: Brennon Kirstein

SA President '15-'16: Jacob Metzner

Current Chair University Senate; Professor, School of Journalism: Lorraine Ball

Past Chair University Senate; Professor, History Department: Lisa Diller

Chair Elect University Senate: Tyson Hall