Southern offers a free 3 credit-hour class in the summer for undergraduates enrolling at Southern for the first time. Just pay for books, food, and rent, and the tuition is on us. But it’s not all about the money (although saving more than $1,750 is pretty sweet). SmartStart is a great opportunity to learn your way around campus, make some early friendships, and get accustomed to the independence and responsibility that university life is all about. In 2014, Smart Start begins July 27. View sample list of available courses.

SmartStart Finances  
Tuition (for one 3-credit-hour class) Free
Residence Hall Rent $300 Residence Hall rent waived for 2014 students.
Commitment Deposit (due June 1) $250
Dining Hall and Books Variable
Total $550 + food and books

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Sample Classes

Here's a sampling of the classes typically offered. Check the course schedule anytime after mid-March to see what classes are available.

  • Biology
    Anatomy and Physiology I
    Basic Microbiology
  • Business and Management
    Business Software
    Personal Finance
  • Chemistry
    Survey of Chemistry I
  • Computing
    Intro to Computing
  • Education and Psychology
    Developmental Psych
  • English
    College Composition I
  • History
    World Civilization I
  • Journalism and Communication
    Intro to Public Speaking
    Intro to Photography
  • Mathematics
    Survey of Mathematics
    Precalculus Algebra
  • Modern Languages
    Elementary French II
    Elementary Spanish II
  • Physics and Engineering
    Earth Science
  • Religion
    Life and Teachings of Jesus
  • Visual Art and Design
    Vector Graphics Design