Transfer Students

At Southern, we welcome an increasing number of students who are transferring from other colleges and universities. Since programs at other institutions vary widely, we will need to work with you to confirm which credits transfer to help ensure your academic success in our programs.

For priority processing and scholarship consideration, applications of transfer students should be submitted by June 1 for the fall semester. There is no priority deadline for the winter or summer semesters. Applications will no longer be accepted for the fall, winter, or summer semester upon the first day of classes.

Regular Acceptance

Transfer students must submit a transcript from an officially accredited college or university, with evidence of a GPA of 2.00 in major subjects, as well as a minimum composite ACT (American College Test) of 18 or an SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) of 870 (Critical Reading and Math) or 1290 (Critical Reading, Math, and Writing) prior to registration. Students who have a transfer GPA of 2.50 or above in 12 hours of major subjects such as general education courses offered at Southern in general education areas I or S (see Catalog under General Education), may be exempt from the ACT/SAT requirement unless required by individual department or school.

Conditional Acceptance

  1. If either the college GPA or ACT/SAT composite score is below the minimum requirements as stated above, the student must appeal to the Admissions Committee.
  2. Conditionally accepted students may take no more than 13 semester hours during the first semester.
  3. Conditionally accepted students are required to take Academic Power Tools—a class designed for students who want to learn to be successful in college. An additional fee for this class is required that is not included in tuition charges.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits may be applied toward the requirements for a degree when the student has satisfactorily completed a minimum of 12 semester hours in residence. Credit by examination taken at other colleges will be accepted according to Southern Adventist University standards (see “University Credit by Examination” in the Academic Policies section of the Catalog). A maximum of 72 semester hours may be accepted from a college where the highest degree offered is the associate degree. Background deficiencies revealed by transcripts and entrance examinations will be given individual attention.

The criteria for evaluating transfer work from an accredited school is based on guidelines given in Transfer Credit Practices AACRAO 2012 guide. The ACE recommendation guide is used for evaluating transcripts for the veterans of the armed forces. Credit may be considered for courses taken at institutions which are not regionally accredited only after the student has completed at least 16 semester hours at Southern Adventist University with a 2.00 or better average. Transfer courses that are comparable to Southern Adventist University courses may be recorded with an earned grade of “C-“ or higher. All college transfer work from Tennessee will be recorded to meet the requirements of the HOPE scholarship. Transfer credit from international foreign schools must be evaluated by a credentialed foreign evaluator. As a general rule, accredited international institution credit is usually issued with pass/fail grades.

A student who has been dismissed from another institution because of poor scholarship or citizenship, or who is on probation from that institution, is not generally eligible for admission until s/he can qualify for readmission to the institution from which s/he has been dismissed.

Note:Transfer students must submit both their official college and high school transcripts to the Enrollment Services Office before being allowed to continue registering for classes.